13-year-old found with chains on his feet.

A 13 year old was found sleeping in a public bathroom with chains on his feet. The Mae Ping Police in Chiang Mai Province received notification of a youth wearing long pants, a jacket with no mask on sleeping in a women’s public bathroom. His right leg had big chains with a lock on it. When officials found the boy he ran away into a forest located near a sports field. Rattanaporn Sarawong, one of the officers stated she had seen the boy before near the sports field but he didn’t have chains on him the last time. T



he boy previously told the officer that his brother harmed him so he ran away. She never saw him again until the incident took place. Mae ping Police and the local rescue team searched the area and found the boy. With the right equipment they removed the chains and lock. Officials tried to talk with the boy but he wouldnt answer any questions. They then gave him paper and pen but he wouldnt write anything down. At the time officials believed he was chained and locked inside his home but managed to escape. The Mae Ping Police moved the boy to the police station and found a Burmese translator to help communicate with the boy. 



Police realized he was a foreigner and that he did not communicate because of the language barrier. After bringing in the translater, officials received information that the boy is 13 years old living with relatives in a rented home. The home is located in San Kamphaeng District. He left his home for the day to play. While outside he found chains and a lock so he put it around his right leg but later lost the key. The boy continued walking to the park and because it was hot he went to nap in the bathroom. It was not long after that officials found the boy. Police have not confirmed that the boy’s story is true and will continue investigating the truth. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The boy states he was playing with the chain and lost the key. 


Source: Sanook