Suspect with Covid-19 escapes on stolen motorbike.

Police are on the hunt for a suspect infected with Covid-19. He escaped on a motorbike stolen from a villager. The suspect was arrested for robbery and was receiving medical care for the virus. Officials fear that he will spread the virus to others and ask locals to notify police if they spot him. Khaosod News reported on 2 August 2021 that Phatthalung Police were collecting security camera footage connected to the case. Police received notification from Phatthalung Hospital that Prapat, a suspect in Phatthalung Province, has been arrested. Prapat was sent in from Pattani Province facing charges relating to robbery. The suspect has Covid-19 and was sent in to receive medical care at the Phatthalung Hospital. 



Prapat was sent to the province on 18 July 2021 and was at the Phatthalung prison until the 20th. When police discovered he had Covid-19 they sent him to the hospital on the 21st. The suspect escaped from the hospital at 10.00 am. He stole a local’s motorbike and drove away from the area. Police have searched for him in Bangkaew District, his home town according to his address but Prapat was nowhere to be seen. Officials are asking for help from the public to send in information if they spot the man. 



The Covid-19 situation in Thailand is currently very serious with high case numbers daily. Today there are 17,970 new cases bringing the total number of cases to 633,284. There are 178 new deaths bringing the total number of deaths to 5,168. A total of 419,460 cases have made a full recovery. There are a total of 4,768 patients who are in critical condition. Globally, there are 466,039 new Covid-19 cases today with 90,254 patients in critical condition. In Thailand people are living carefully and those who work in offices are now working from home. For those who cannot work from home they have to follow safety precautions strictly to avoid catching the virus. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect decided to steal a local’s motorbike and drive away from the hospital where he was receiving medical care. 


Source: Khaosod