14 dead in nightclub fire, Chonburi.

A nightclub in Chonburi burnt up in flames with 14 dead. The business was registered as a restaurant and police are investigating the owner. Police Lieutenant General Thiti Sangsawang and related officials went to inspect Mountain B Pub in Chonburi Province on 5 August 2022 at 10.30 am. Officials went to collect evidence in the business. This includes inspecting every little detail from the entrance onward. While officers were investigating another fire started in the roof and officers had to leave immediately. Almost the whole building is affecting and burned down from the fire. 



Officials reveal that the cause of the fire is not confirmed. After checking all entrances and exits none had a lock on them as some claim only one door was open when the fire started. The police have talked to all employees, an electric technician, and the owner. The restaurant was registered as a normal restaurant but later wards he converted it into a nightclub without permission or licensing. Pongsiri is the owner and was involved in a case last month because the music was very loud and locals nearby were not happy. There are only 2 fire extinguishers inside the big nightclub. 



An employee stated he heard a loud bang and ran outside to see where it was from. This is when he saw fire and a man covered in flames was running towards him. He used a fire extinguisher to help the man and the emergency rescue team delivered the man to a hospital. There were about 50 customers inside with 2 doors open, one in the front and in the back behind the counter. He believed customers were scared and frightened which caused confusion on how to leave the club. He confirms that there was more than 1 exit available at the time that the fire started. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Some customers who were inside the club stated there was only 1 door open at the time of the fire. 


Source: Khaosod