15 students hurt in bridge collapse

A GROUP of 15 students from Burapha University Chanthaburi Campus narrowly escaped with their lives after the bridge they were standing on while studying marine plants suddenly collapsed, INN News said today (August 18).

Local fishermen and volunteers managed to rescue all 15 students who had plunged into water after Saphan Pla Bridge at Tha Mai district of this eastern province suddenly cracked and sank and took them to Tha Mai Hospital.

One of the fishermen who rescued the students, Chanarong Kuawong, said he saw the students going up the bridge and studying the marine plants and a little later heard a loud cracking sound after which they all plunged into water but were safely rescued.

Visut Prakorbkwamdee, head of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office in Chanthaburi, said a two-meter by five-meter hole was formed when the bridge’s concrete and steel foundation snapped.

He added that this was an old bridge having been in use for over 20 years and when the 15 students together got on it to study the marine plants it suddenly gave way.

Top: Mr  Visut points to the shattered bridge foundation. Photo: INN News



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