Buddhist monk dies after drinking too much soft drinks

A BUDDHIIST monk who was addicted to soft drinks died at a temple in Chai Nat province this morning (August 18) without any apparent cause, Sanook.com said.

Police investigators found the 41-year-old monk lying under a blanket with both hands bent but no injuries on his body.

Police also saw a large number of soft drink bottles and another pack of soft drinks in his room.

Relatives of the monk, Phra Chartkla, told police detectives that he was was constantly drinking soft drinks and did not like to take solid food.

This morning when he did not come down from his room his fellow monks opened the door and found him lying dead.

The other monks also confirmed that the deceased monk was apparently addicted to soft drinks and rarely took solid food.

His family did not suspect any foul play.


Top: The soft drink addicted monk lying dead in his room. Photo: Sanook.com

By Songpol Kaopatumtip



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