19-year-old climbs electric pole in Udon Thani

A 19-year-old woman climbed an electric pole in Udon Thani Province at night, the girl kept stating “I am Scared”. The Udon Thani Police received notification about a woman on top of an electric pole. Police notified the local rescue team and officials from the Electricity Authority before heading to the area in front of the Tessaban 5 School at 4.30 am on 3 May 2020.

When officials arrived they saw a woman dressed in black holding on to the electrical pole. The woman seemed like she was drunk. She chose to climb up on a pole with a road lamp attached and the electrical wires were supporting her weight. A team of electricians helped temporarily shut down the power to the wires in order to save the woman. The rescue team then brought along a scissor lift with an officer to help calm down the woman.


When a member of the rescue team along with a police officer went up to help the woman come down she kept on repeating “I am scared”. No matter what they said to her the woman would not come down and continued to walk on the electrical wires. It took over 2 hours of talking before she finally agreed to come down with a police officer beside her. The officer went on the lift and helped her come down before the rescue team delivered the woman to a hospital.


Credit: Sanook


The woman was delivered to Udon Thani Hospital where she started to get it together. P 19 years old is from Pako Village, Kum Pawa Pee District, Udon Thani. Police Captain Charoenchai Nikulkarn from the Udon Thani Police had a talk with P’s friend. The friend stated that they were drinking inside a home on Pracha Raksa Road.


Then at 4.10 am P ran out from her room while her friends followed behind. When the friends arrived P was already on the electrical pole. The friends told her to come down but P had already made her decision. The group didn’t know what to do so they notified the officials. The police will be interviewing P when she feels better.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: It took over 2 hours before P agreed to come down from the electric pole with a police officer by her side.


Source: Sanook