2 Thais arrested with fake US Visas

Immigration Police have arrested 2 Thai citizens with fake US visas. Police also arrested a suspect connected to a romance scam gang. The immigration investigation division was contacted by immigration officials working in departures, Suvarnabhumi Airport about 2 Thai citizens with a request for their biometrics information. Officials in departures found fake US visas in their passports attempting to leave the country. 


The 2 suspects were called in for inspection. Officials contacted the U.S. Embassy and received confirmation that the visas have never been issued to the 2 names. The suspect’s man and woman had purchased fake US visas for about 50,000 THB per person believing that they will be starting a new journey in the USA. After purchasing the visas they sent their passports to the seller and later set up a meeting to collect the passports. This crime is a direct threat to the security of Thailand. The suspects were delivered to the Suvarnabhumi Police Station. 


Officials received notification of a Thai citizen connected to international crime. Police tracked the suspect and information reveals the suspect had traveled into Thailand on 27 September 2020. The suspect was on Etihad Airlines flight EY406. Officials planned for the arrival and were ready to inspect the person once they arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Immigration officials at arrivals in the airport checked the biometrics system and confirmed the suspect has been found. 


The suspect has an arrest warrant out in her name from the Criminal Court on charges relating to involvement in international crime by pretending to be someone else and also charges relating to money laundering. The suspect’s information matched what investigation officials reported. Furthermore, the suspect also has a red notice from Interpol as a wanted fugitive out in her name. The suspect has been arrested and delivered to the police station in Suvarnabhumi Airport. All 3 suspects were found and arrested thanks to the Biometrics system and the work of Immigration Officials.  



Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The suspect also has a red notice from the Interpol with connection to romance scams and money laundering. 


Source: INN News