24-year-old lottery winner, relatives will not stop calling her.

There are new lottery winners in Thailand from the latest Government lottery draw on 1 April 2021. One of these winners is a 24-year-old girl who won 1 winning ticket bringing in 6 million THB. The girl’s life has been changed forever but she is also terrified because relatives that she never knew existed has been calling her non-stop. Ratima went to file a report at the Khok Samrong Police Station in Lopburi Province. The girl wanted proof of ownership as evidence in case anything happens to the ticket. The Sanook News reported that Ratima rushed out of the police station because she doesn’t want anyone else to know of the win. The amount of calls she is receiving has scared her and she is afraid of danger.


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The next winner is Facebook user “Phongpatchara B.Pidansangtam”. The winner posted “This is the best police report I have ever filed in my life. I will not waste this opportunity and try my best”.  Pongpachara Paisarnsangtham 33-year-old revealed that she randomly picked the ticket without even realizing the number. She went to file a report at the Chai Nat City Police Station. Phongpatchara personally believes that Mae Takian, a female spirit from the Takian tree gave her good luck to win. She previously made a promise with Mae Takian to buy a beautiful dress for the spirit if she won the lottery.


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The last winner in this story is also a food vendor with 1 winning ticket. The woman revealed a son’s friend came into her dream and was wearing a shirt with 70 printed on it. The boy asked her in the dream why she was poor, he then threw a bag to give her. The Sanook News Team went to her home in Udon Thani Province after hearing about the win. Thitiya Banthaohom 49-year-old sells food at a local school. She has filed a report at the Pen Police Station. The winner reveals she will use the money to pay off debt and give it to her mother and 2 children.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: She is terrified because relatives that she never knew existed has been calling her non-stop.


Source: Khaosod