Monk stuck in cave for 4 days now found!

A monk that has been stuck in a cave for 4 days has now been found, officials are trying to find a safe passage to rescue the monk out. The monk on pilgrimage has been found in Noen Maprang District in Phitsanulok Province. Doctor Manas Kemgo a monk went on pilgrimage in a cave on 4 April 2021. There was continuous rain for 3 days resulting in high water inside the cave blocking the entrance. The monk got stuck and could not return out of the cave.


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Ronnachai Jitwiset the Phitsanulok Governor, Police General Suriya Iamsuro, Police Lieutenant General Taweesak Wongthaweesap, the local rescue team, and related officials went to the location. Ronnachai stated officials went into a meeting to help plan a solution to bring the monk out. Divers from the Friends in Need (of “PA”) Volunteers Foundation, Thai Red Cross will be helping in the rescue. The same team of divers were involved in the Tham Luang Cave Rescue in 2018. The divers will be traveling by foot for about 400 meters from the cave entrance. At which point the water will be too high, the cave is about 15 meters wide and the waters about 4 meters deep.


Credit: Khaosod


The governor further explains that the divers will then enter an area about 20 meters wide. The monk is expected to be waiting in this spot where there is a higher ground to stand on. The divers will then send a signal if the monk is found. The team is planning to bring as many water pumps as possible to move water out of the cave. If they can do so, the monk should be able to walk out on his own. Thongchai Aparo another monk that went into the cave with Monk Manas revealed they entered the cave together but then separated into different areas.



As water started to get higher it covered the entrance and he tried to move the water, but it was no use. Monk Thongchai stated Monk Manas had food with him, so he has good hopes that the monk is safe. Latest news from the divers is that Monk Manas has been found with a slight fever. The team is doing their best to find a safe way out for Monk Manas.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The monk has been found with a low fever and the team is finding the best solution to bring him out.


Source: Khaosod