2nd member to win Grand Lottery Prize in the family.

Apichat 61 years old went to file a police report in Phetchaburi Province as proof of winning the 1st grand prize of the Thai lottery. Apichat holds 1 lottery ticket no. 516461 which is the grand prize for the 1st of June 2019. He also won another lucky number ticket with 46 being the last 2 digits in the lottery. Together Apichat will take home 6,002,000 THB.




Apichat reported to the Sanook News Team that he had just realized he won the lottery on the 2nd of this month. He was reading the morning newspaper and saw that the lottery numbers had been published. When he compared his lottery ticket to the winning number he was extremely happy.


Apichat will be buying a new house for him and his mom. They are currently living in a rented house, Apichat is delighted to be able to give comfort to his mom. The rest of the money will be saved for future plans.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Apichat stated that he personally loves giving to others. He often gives money if he sees someone asking for money and he will help out when needed. His mother has 5 children and he is the youngest of them all. Apichat stays close to his mom at home to take care of her. Apichat looks after his mom who has paralysis and believes that his act of giving and the care he has for his mom is why he had won the grand prize from the lottery this month.


Apichat works as a farmer in Tha Haew Village. His older sister named Tiw also won the grand prize from the lottery 4 years ago. This is the 2nd time that someone in his family had won the biggest prize in the Thai Lottery.


FB Caption:  Apichat’s older sister had also won the grand prize in the lottery 4 years prior to his win.


Source: Sanook