3 lost boys found after long forest adventure.

The local rescue team in Hangchat District in Lampang Province received notification of 3 boys that went missing on 13 February 2020 at 11.00 pm. The team and locals helped search for the 3 boys aged 13-14 years old. At first, there were 6 children that went in the forest to see the Mae Poo Waterfall in the evening but 3 boys went missing. The parents started searching for the boys after sunset but the first search brought no success so they decided to notify the local rescue team.


The team and locals started searching for the boys. 15 hours after the search began they found motorbikes that belonged to the families parked in Ban Wiang Thong, Mueng Yao Sub-district. All persons involved in the search started yelling out the boy’s names before searching for them deeper into the forest.


The forest was extremely deep and dark but finally, the 3 boys were found. All were extremely weak, especially one boy who had a stomach ache since the morning of their adventure. The pain had gotten worse because the boys didn’t eat all day and night until they were found. The rescue team delivered them to the HangChat Hospital for medical care.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The 3 boys stated that the 6 friends went to see the waterfall in the morning but one of the boys started to have a stomach ache. The 2 other boys were worried about their friend so together they decided to take care of the boy in the forest. The other 3 left the forest before sunset. After a while the 3 boys tried to leave but got lost, they tried walking around to find a signal so that they could call their families.  At first, the parents were all angry and happy at the same time when the boys were found, but after hearing the reason why they were in the forest so late all parents of the 3 boys didn’t know what to say.


FB Caption: They finally found the boys after a long 15-hour search.

Source: Sanook