3,000-year-old skeletons found in Ang Thong Province.

The Sanook News Team went to visit a home in Sawang Ha District, Ang Thong Province on 3 March 2021 after hearing about the ancient skeletons discovered on the land. Somkiat Briboon 54-year-old the landowner was waiting in his home. Somkiat showed the news team 3 recently discovered skeletons wrapped in blue sheets. The skeletons have been underground for so long the bones are rock-like. On top of the skeletons from head to toes were bowls and other utensils. There were 6 more skeletons inside his home. This included smaller skeletons, believed to have been women or children. They were also covered in blue sheets and tied securely.


Credit: Sanook


Somkiat stated he has 17 rai of land located just across from his home. Last year many ancient artifacts and skeletons were discovered in his land. The artifacts and skeletons have been moved to Bangkok for further research. The land has been restored back to its normal condition. Last month Somkiat rented out his land to be used as a sugarcane farm. While preparing the land 9 more skeletons were found. He wrapped them and moved the skeletons into his home. There are even more ancient artifacts that Somkiat gathered in the home. He plans to build a museum in the future to display the artifacts and skeletons mainly for educational purposes.


Credit: Sanook


Somkiat revealed there have been unusual incidents since he moved the skeletons and artifacts into his home. He feels like there are many people walking inside his home, both during the day and at night. When he tries to search and find the source of these sounds there is always nothing to be found. Somkiat often talks to the spirits. Somkiat is not scared of the spirits, he sleeps peacefully every night inside his home with the skeletons. Although none of his friends will visit him ever since the discovery. The Fine Arts Department has been notified of the recent discovery. They have visited his land before to collect the ancient artifacts discovered in 2020.


Credit: Sanook

FB Caption: Somkiat sleeps with the 3,000-year-old skeletons inside his home every night.


Source: Sanook