4 new year gift measures approved for lower income citizens

The Cabinet of Thailand has approved 4 measures to help those who hold Welfare cards for this upcoming New Year. These measures are focused on those with low incomes who hold Welfare cards issued by the government. The 4 measures can be used through the convenience of the welfare card, similar to a debit and credit card to stores and utilities that accept payment by the government welfare card.


Credit: MThai
Credit: MThai


The government Welfare card is a blue card issued by the government together with Krungthai bank. The card looks similar to a credit card with a gold chip on the left, the name of the cardholder together with the ID number and birthdate of the cardholder, 16 digit number, a barcode on the left, an expiration date by the month/year, the picture of the card holder on the top right and a PrompCard symbol where the Visa or Mastercard symbol usually is on a debit or credit card. On the back is a black magnetic tab used by the transaction machine and a three digit safety code.


The 4 measures for this New Year includes,


  1. A gift of 500 baht that can be withdrawn as cash from the Welfare card.


  1. Those with lower income from December 2018 – September 2019 will receive additional support for their electric and water bills. Where the government will support 230 THB per family/month for the electric bill and 100 THB per family/month for the water bill.


  1. Those over the age of 60 years old will receive 10 months of support from December 2018 – September 2019 for living rent payment at 400 THB per month.


  1. Seniors over the age of 65 years old will receive help in travel expenses to the hospital at 1,000 THB per person. The money will be given through the Welfare card in December of this year.


There is currently 14.5 million lower-income citizens of Thailand who hold the Welfare card in the system. The total budget used for this new year celebration of 2019 is 38,730 million THB.


FB Caption:  The total budget used for this new year occasion is 38,730 million THB.


Source: MThai