6 million baht stole from armored vehicle

PROVINCIAL Police Region 1 are quickly chasing thieves who stole money bags holding 6 million baht from an armored vehicle at the car park of Central Westgate department store, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 9).

At 8.30 pm yesterday Pol. Lt. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, acting commander of Provincial Police Region 1, held an urgent meeting at Bang Yai police station in Nonthaburi on catching the thieves who escaped with 2 money bags each holding 3 million baht from a Brinks company armored vehicle.

This theft had taken place a day earlier on Tuesday Nov. 7 after Mr Namchai Cheenoo, a cash delivery man, and Somyod Kham-oon, the armored vehicle’s driver, drove up and parked the vehicle at the scene of the crime.

They had then gone into the department store to collect money from the shops there but upon their return found the armored vehicle’s door wide open.

In a state of shock they checked within the vehicle and found that of the 13 cash bags placed there 2 from a bank had been stolen but the others holding cash from various shops were not taken.

Namchai and Somyod told police that they had locked  the vehicle’s door before going into the store and did not know how it could have been opened. Police have checked it and there are no signs of tampering.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Suwat said a suspicious pickup truck was seen driving around near the armored vehicle many times but the security cameras failed to capture the image of the criminals  grabbing the money bags.

However some fingerprints have been found as evidence and the cash van staff and eyewitnesses are still being questioned, he said, adding he could not confirmed whether or not the two staff members are linked to the heist.


Top: The Brinks armored vehicle from which 6 million baht was stolen on Tuesday. Photo: Thai News Agency