7 Million Yaba pills and 300kg crystal meth found with 7 arrested.

7 million Yaba pills, 300 kilograms of crystal meth, and 184 kilograms of ketamine have been found with 7 arrested connected to the large drug seizure. The plan was to hide the drugs inside a truck with corn inside. Police Lieutenant General Montree Yimyam and related officials inspected a home in Ayutthaya Province. The inspection was the result after Nattapon 29 year old, Siwa 28 year old, Nattayod 20 year old, Sunthorn 26 year old, Tiwanon 20 year old, Wirayut 26 year old, and Ratchaya 26 year old were arrested. Police found the drugs hidden inside the home and a truck full of corn. 



Police stated that police have made previous arrests related to the drug gang. A man named K Dai and 3 others were arrested with 40,000 Yaba pills in Bangkok in August. As a result the investigation helped officials find 1 million more Yaba pills. Information helped point police towards a rented home in Ayutthaya Province. This is a very large drug gang with many members across the country. The gang smuggled in big drug lots before distributing them to Bangkok and nearby provinces. The smugglers tried to use a new method to smuggle the drugs using trucks filled with food. The driver would receive 100,000 THB in return per one delivery. The gang will rent homes near Bangkok to store the drugs before distribution. 



Yaba is often referred to as the crazy or mad drug as there is usually more than 1 type of substance mixed into the formula. The main substance is methamphetamine and is often red tablets, although there are super formulas with blue or other colors. There are many ways of using the drug, this includes eating it, smoking it off tinfoil, and crushed. Another reason it is so popular is due to the price, it is one of the cheapest drugs available as makers will often use random substances depending on what is cheapest at the time. The Yaba pill is often flavored with floral scents. 


Credit: Khaosod




Source: Khaosod