Chuan says he did not push son to join politics

FORMER prime minister Chuan Leepai came out to explain that he did not encourage is only son, Surabot, to follow his footsteps and enroll as a Democrat Party member, reported today (Sept 25, 2018).

Chuan, 80, was the prime minister from September 20, 1992 to May 19, 1995 and again from November 9, 1997 to February 9, 2001. He is currently chairman of Democrat Party advisory committee.

His son Surabot, or Pleum, 30, is host of the TV program “VRZO.”

Chuan said he did not intervene because when it comes to careers and the political road one takes, each one has to decide on his own because of the duties tied to them.

However, the party would benefit if it gets someone who is determined and loves his job, because he would not get discouraged when problems crop up as he personally chose to follow this path.

Chuan added that this principle also applied to when he himself decided to become a politician.

“My dad was a civil servant and wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I decided on my own to become a politician. Having chosen this path myself, I had to be ready for all problems that followed.

“I never pushed Pleum to become a politician, but he has learnt something from being the son of a politician,” he said.

Chuan added that he told his son to not think about becoming rich when working as a politician, pointing out that he himself did not build a big fortune from becoming the prime minister.


Top: Former premier Chuan with his son Surabot. Photo: