79-year-old kidnapped 11-year-old for 8 days.

A 79-year-old grandpa kidnapped an 11-year-old girl for 8 days. Police have found and arrested the man with help from a good citizen. The girl was kidnapped in Chaiyaphum Province and found in Trat Province. A good citizen recognized the two and decided to notify officials in hopes of saving the girl. Bunyeun Bunsong 79 years old has an arrest warrant in his name after he kidnapped a disabled 11-year-old girl. The victim went missing from her home located in Chaiyaphum Province. Information revealed that the suspect is from a different village but has tried to become friends with the young girl. The suspect is friends with the girl’s neighbor and saw the girl. He has given her money for snacks and regularly plays with her. 



The two have known each other for about 7 months before the incident took place. Then on 8 September 2023, The grandpa took the girl to buy some snacks but never returned her home. Ekalak Chumkae from the Mirror Foundation received information from Trat City Police about the two on 16 September 2023. A good citizen who is a motorbike mechanic notified the local police after he spotted the two on a red motorbike with a Chaiyaphum license plate. The mechanic memorized the license plate number and the model of the motorbike. He also remembered that it matched information from the news. 



The mechanic went to inform police at the Trat City Police Station immediately. Police started working right away and verified that it was the suspect with the kidnapped girl. The two were finally spotted 8 days after the girl went missing in Chaiyaphum. They were spotted 657 kilometers from where she went missing. Officials found the suspect and presented the arrest warrant along with arresting him. The suspect is now waiting to be delivered back to Kangkro Policce Station in Chaiyaphum Province for prosecution. The girl is now safe but there is no information to what happened in between the 8 days that she was kidnapped, mainly for the privacy and safety of the child. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The girl was found 657 kilometers away from where she went missing 8 days ago. 


Source: Khaosod