Man addicted to rich lifestyle arrested after robbing Chinese businessmen.

A man has been arrested after robbing a Chinese businessman and other victims. The man is addicted to a rich lifestyle, so much so that he has been stealing to continue this lifestyle. The suspect rents motorbikes and breaks into vehicles to find valuables. The man was so relaxed that he went to party with friends after stealing but could not escape the police. Police Colonel Thanapong Poti from the Chonburi City Police Station reported the case on 14 September 2023. The Chonburi Police, Tourist Police, Immigration Police, and related officials arrested Kongpop 42 years for charges relating to theft using a vehicle, and more. The suspect was arrested at a fancy hotel in Pattaya. 



Kongpop had stolen over 1 Million THB worth of valuables from a Chinese businessman. Police started an investigation and discovered who the suspect was. Security footage captured the man and revealed his escape route. Police found out Kongpop had booked a room at a fancy hotel. Security footage showed Kongpop checking into the hotel. Kongpop drives an old BMW with a Bangkok license plate. Inside the vehicle was evidence of his illegal activities. This includes foreign currency, diamond earrings, 2 watches, 5 Buddhist amulets, and 2 credit cards belonging to 2 victims who were both Chinese businessmen. All the evidence was hidden behind the car. 



The suspect stated he has been staying at the fancy hotel in Pattaya. Kongpop would rent motorbikes and use these vehicles to commit theft. On the day of the arrest, Kongpop returned to the hotel with plans to party with friends. Things did not go as planed when his karma caught up and he was arrested at the hotel. Police presented themselves before arresting Kongpop. Because of the love for a fancy lifestyle but no actual career, Kongpop has resorted to a life of crime. The suspect has been taken to the police station waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Kongpop would rent motorbikes and smash into vehicles to find valuables. 

Source: Khaosod