8 month pregnant woman and 16 year old arrested on Yaba.

Police went to investigate a home and discovered a family of drug users in action. Complaints were sent in from villagers in the area, stating that the family was using and selling drugs. When they entered the home an 8-month pregnant woman was using the drugs while resting on her back. The boyfriend was also using drugs and smoke filled the room as officials entered.


There was also a 16-year-old girl, the younger sister of the pregnant woman sitting inside the home with her 22-year-old boyfriend. A toddler was inside the room playing as the adults were exploring the drugs. The toddler belonged to the 16-year-old girl and a pack of diapers is seen on the floor right by the young child. Officials gave the 4 a drug test that proved they all had been using in their system.


Naratorn Sornprasit the Maha Sarakham Deputy Governor ordered officials from the province to investigate the truth after complaints came in about the family. Villagers have been reporting that the members of the household located in the main city of Maha Sarakham were connected to drugs, both using and selling Yaba pills. As officials entered the house on 2 February 2020 they were met with a cloud of smoke coming from the bedroom on the 1st floor. Sarawut 24 years old was using drugs with the 8-month pregnant girlfriend, Rassamee 24-year-old.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Rassamee plans to give birth next month and she was found resting on her back while using the drugs. The pregnant woman stated that she has been using drugs for years, normally she would take more but since she became pregnant Rassamee only uses 1-2 Yaba pills per day. Officials then found the 16-year-old sister, the 22-year-old boyfriend, and the toddler. Officials suspected that the couple was also on drugs, confirmed by the drug test.


FB Caption: 8-month pregnant 24-year-old woman, 24-year-old boyfriend, 22-year-old man, 16-year-old sister, and her toddler was found in the house, all except the child were on drugs.


Source: Sanook