8-year-old and 17-year-old saved from evil grandparents.

An 8-year-old child ran to ask for help from neighbors after she was beaten by her own grandparents. The youngest child decided to run out of her own home because she feared the grandparents would not stop until her sister died. The grandmother later claimed the grandaughter bit her hand and beating her was an expression of love with no intention to actually kill the girl. Weerapon Raksamerwong, the admin of the “Ban Dung Village update” page on Facebook received notification from villagers on 1 September 2023. Villagers stated there are grandparents inside the village who beat up their own granddaughters. Villagers needed a safe temporary place for the girls to sleep. 



Villagers feel sorry for the girl as they have seen the grandparents harm the child many times. The 8-year-old ran towards villagers asking for help to save her older sister who was still inside the house. The child stated, “Please help my sister, she is inside the house”. When villagers arrived they saw the granny sitting on top of the girl hitting her. Nid 17 years old stated the granny hits both of them. The granny tried to stab her before and she tried to leave but they wouldn’t let her move out. The granny thinks she uses drugs but she has been to rehab and is clean. The school also makes sure she is clean using a drug test every week. The sisters would get hit anytime the granny was drunk. 



When the 8-year-old asks to call her parents the grandparents would not allow it. The 17-year-old stated the granny would get drunk and beat them. This time was no different and she slapped the older girl’s face till she was bleeding before pushing her to the ground. The granny then sat on top of the girl and repeatedly slammed her head onto the ground. The sisters are usually trapped inside a room. When villagers arrived the grandparents told them to take both of the girls. The granny claims the beatings are to teach the girls and it is an act of love. The sisters were taken to a villager’s home and the 8-year-old continued to cry all night. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: When villagers arrived they saw the granny sitting on top of the older girl and repeatedly slamming her head on the ground. 


Source: Khaosod