8 month pregnant woman runs from death, transformer explosion.

An 8-month pregnant woman ran from death after a transformer exploded near her. Thankfully there are no deaths but 4 people have been injured in the incident. Motorbikes in the area were also affected, 1 was totally burned down and 5 damaged. Police Captain Peerapong Potsri from the Phyathai Police Station in Bangkok received notification of an electrical fire. The firefighters were notified and officials went to the location at 10.25 am on 30 August 2023. Officials found 4 injured persons who were delivered to the hospital. This includes 1. Chaiyo Chaokawian 26 years old, Tawatchai Makrajan 22 years old, Chayakom Bunpatham 43 years old, and Wichai Piromkij 47 years old. 



An investigation has been started to find the true cause of the explosion. Somsri Bualerd, a flower seller in the area who is also disabled and has no left arm is 8 months pregnant. Her due date is near but she managed to run away in time before the transformer exploded. Somsri stated she was walking selling flowers as usual and felt exhausted so she came to sit down near a win motorbike station. She heard an explosion and saw sparks flying her way. She made the right decision and threw away all the flowers she had and ran as fast as she could. Wichai, a win motorbike driver received injuries on his face and body from the explosion. 




There was a motorbike parked at a red light that was totally burned down. 5 Motorbikes that were parked inside the Win motorbike station were damaged. Transformers are usually pretty safe with standard protection mechanisms inside. But they can still explode due to an internal short-circuit. This short-circuit can be caused by an insulation failure and temperatures can rise to 1,200 Celsius. The extremely hot temperature causes the oil in the transformer tank to evaporate. Dangerous explosive gases are released and result in a pressure peak. Because this is happening in a closed area the transformer explodes. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Somsri threw away all her flowers and ran as fast as she could. 


Source: Khaosod