90-year-old granny lives alone in broken home.

A 90-year-old granny has been living alone in a broken-down home. The home is made from wood and is over 60 years old. One day she was sitting when the floor fell down, but luckily she was not injured. Villagers in the area want to help the granny and have asked related officials to step in and help. Throughout her life she has had 10 children, 6 have passed away and 4 remain but no one is taking care of her. The granny often is seen holding a picture of her husband as she misses him dearly. 



Khaosod News Team visited the granny on 14 July 2023 in Buriram Province. The media received a video showing the granny in her home. Parts of the home have totally collapsed and for other persons looking in, the remains of the home are not inhabitable but it is the only home she has. The villager that sent the video in wants someone to help the granny fix her home. She lives alone and should have a safe space where she can sleep peacefully. The team met the granny while she was sitting under her home on a wood bench. The home is placed on 12 poles, in the design of a typical Thai wood home. The floor fell down while she was sitting on the ground. 



Luckily, the wood pieces sloped down similar to a slide, so she didn’t receive any injuries. No repairs have been made and the home has a big hole inside. Villagers try to visit her and talk, hoping they can help her feel a bit less lonely. The granny reveals she was married for 70 years until the grandpa passed away. She has 10 children, 6 have passed while the other 4 work in other provinces. She has been living on an elderly pension. None of her living children have sent her any money or visited her. She doesn’t want to move anywhere as she doesn’t want to burden anyone. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: She has 10 children, 4 still living but they never visit or help her. 

Source: Khaosod