Academic kills friend during drinking session

AN academic of a famous university has been arrested after shooting his friend to death during a drinking session with a bullet he when drunk believed would not go off because a magic spell had been cast on it, INN News reported this morning (Oct. 1, 2018).

Pol  Lt-Col Chaisit Khadpad, investigation inspector at Mueang Pathum Thani Station, rushed to the house of Mr Thongrop, 51, an academic at a well-known university, after being informed that someone had died there.

Within the house he found Mr Panya Wutti-opas, 43, an electric engineer, shot dead through the right temple with .38 bullet as he was seated in front of the bathroom.

Thongrop, who was waiting for the police, told them that the two of them drank 5 bottles of beer at a restaurant and then brought another 6 bottles to drink at his house.

When they finished drinking, he brought his pistol out to fool around with, thinking then that a magic spell had been cast on the bullet and it had been bathed in holy water so would not go off, but then it did go off and killed his friend. He tried to revive him with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but this failed.

Neighbors told police that Thongrop was stressed out after his wife suffered a stroke and had to return to her hometown in central Prachinburi province to recuperate.

Thongrop showed signs of stress, sometimes talking to himself, and late at night often played the flute. Normally no one visited him at his home until last night, with the drinking session leading to death.


Top: The body of the electrical engineer being removed from the house where he was accidentally killed during a drinking session. Photo: INN News

Below: The academic, with his face pixelated, at his house. Photo: INN News