Air Asia to explain officials partying on board

AIR Asia is getting ready to issue a statement to clarify a complaint from passengers on its flight from Japan to Bangkok who said a group of officials had troubled and annoyed them with their boisterous behavior, the Thai-language daily Matichon said today (June 18, 2018).

Reporters of this newspaper quoted some passengers of Air Asia flight number XJ621, flying from Sapporo in Japan to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok and departed New Chitose Airport at 9.55 a.m., as saying that this group of officials made a big racket with their chatter and yelling.

They also said these officials walked up and down across different seating zones, including the silent zone reserved for the elderly and the disabled and they had brought alcoholic drinks, such as beer, to drink during the flight.

Upon being contacted, Thai Air Asia’s corporate communications department said the airline will be issuing a statement to clarify the facts and is right now asking the management to approve this statement before issuing it.


Top: An Air Asia jetliner. Photo: Matichon