Auntie bad driver, slapped the victim and drove away.

An auntie backed her car into another vehicle and did some more questionable actions. The auntie left her vehicle, forced the other driver to pray and apologize to her, slapped the other driver, and then drove away. The victim reveals this auntie acted like she was very confident it was not her fault, but after checking the security footage the victim realized it was not her fault in the first place. Khaosod News reported on 13 January 2024 about the incident. Natnicha 23 years old notified the Phuket Police of a road accident on the 12th at 19.00. Natnicha was driving her Honda Civic and arrived at the Kao Lan Intersection. An Isuzu truck backed into her car when the traffic light was red.



An auntie left the truck and started yelling at Natnicha. Because of the anger displayed Natnicha thought it must’ve been her fault and apologized to the auntie. The auntie was not happy and slapped Natnicha on the face before driving away. The victim went to file a report with the police in hopes of tracking the auntie down. Natnicha revealed the auntie was not satisfied with the apology and wanted Natnicha to apologize to her from the middle of the intersection. She also instructed Natnicha to pray and say sorry. Other road users heard what was going on and advised Natnicha to not follow the auntie’s orders as it was too dangerous.



Natnicha noticed there was a foreign male passenger sitting inside the truck. After the incident Natnicha checked the security footage from her car and realized that the truck backed into her car, the accident was not her fault. Nit the passenger in Natnicha’s car stated they wanted to drive ahead and pull over as it was safer. The auntie was so angry she wanted to talk on the road. After slapping the victim the auntie turned back and walked into her car before driving away.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Other drivers saw what was happening and advised the victim to not follow the auntie’s order as it was too dangerous.

Credit: Khaosod