Banks told to distribute commemorative banknotes

THE Bank of Thailand has coordinated with commercial and state-owned banks to allocate commemorative banknotes still available for distribution to members of the public to prevent profiteering from the sale of these banknotes, Thai PBS said today.

BoT Governor Veerathai Santipraphob said that some commemorative banknotes such as the banknotes issued in 2011 to commemorate the seven cycle or 84th birthday anniversary of HM the King are still available – probably about one million notes – for distribution.

Commemorative banknotes and coins are now in high demand as collectors and speculators are scooping them up as souvenirs and for profiteering purpose respectively.

Mr Veerathai noted that, in some countries, their people became confused if the banknotes bearing the image of their government leaders would still be legal after the death of the leaders.

In the case of Thailand, he assured that the banknotes bearing the image of the late King are still legitimate currency and can be used indefinitely.

Meanwhile the Digital Economy and Society Ministry has increased the avenue to mourn and pay respects to His Majesty the late King through the ministry’s website with the names to be collected and later sent to the government, Thai News Agency said today.

The ministry is also carefully monitoring any anti-Monarchy websites with a special unit set up to check all 24 hours.


Top:   A commemorative banknote on display. Photo: Thai PBS


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