Bar owner borrowed money from 14 loan sharks.

A bar owner in Pattaya lives in fear after she borrowed money from 14 loan sharks. The woman states just the interest alone is 30,000 THB per day. Darinee 31 years old, gave an interview to Khaosod News Team on 29 May 2023.  She previously filed a report with the Pattaya City Police after one of the loan sharks threatened her. The group had dropped glue into the bar’s door lock. Darinee stated while crying that she fell into a financial crisis and decided to borrow money from loan sharks. As time went on she could not pay the interest in time and had to borrow money from other loan sharks to cover the interest. She continued doing this and now she has 14 loan sharks. 



The money she borrowed together is 800,000 THB but the interest alone is 30,000 THB per day. 2 weeks ago she did not have money to pay the interest and one of the loan sharks sent employees to her bar. The men forced girls who worked in her bar to strip naked and stand in front of the bar. They claimed this would help bring in customers. Other loan sharks have called her and threatened they would beat her up. Darinee decided to file a report with the police as evidence in case anything did happen to her. 



Darinee stated she has no intentions of running away or hiding from her debt. Her problem is that she simply does not have any money to pay off the debt. After the threatening incidents, she is too scared to open her bar as usual. Her girls are also terrified and have not come to work because of the fear. Darinee wishes that her current situation can help warn others about the dangers of loan sharks. The interest is extremely high and is unrealistic to pay off. If you do not pay and miss even one day of interest, they will threaten and come hurt you. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The gang forced one of her employees to stand naked in front of the bar. 

Source: Khaosod