Cambodian begging gang arrested.

A Cambodian gang has been arrested, this gang forces children to do the dirty work. The beggars make at least 300 THB every day. Pol. Maj. Gen. Saruti Kwangsopha and related officials reported the arrest of a Cambodian begging gang. Inside the gang are 41 persons of which 18 are children. Civilians in Pattaya, Chonburi Province have been reporting to the police about a group using children aged 2-10 to beg for money from locals in the area. Other men would keep watch of the children from afar. Civilians realized this might be human trafficking and decided to ask for help from the police. An investigation was started leading police to 2 rented homes in the province. The first home is a 4-story townhouse. Inside were 20 adults and 11 children. None of them had any immigration documents. 5 suspects were arrested wanted by arrest warrants and 15 were arrested because they had no documents. 



3 children were saved from human trafficking in this home. The next home had 3 adults and 7 children inside. Again, none of them had immigration documents. 1 suspect was arrested wanted by an arrest warrant and 2 suspects were arrested because they had no documents. 5 children were saved from this home relating to human trafficking. Related officials help make profiles for the children. They also had to find out whether some of the children are genetically connected to the suspects as some claim the children were theirs biologically. The investigation will continue to find out the truth and save the trafficked children. 



The suspects enter Thailand through natural passageways. The goal was to beg for money in Thailand. The group makes 300-1,000 THB from each child every day. The investigation also reveals many of the suspects have been arrested and deported out of Thailand before. They returned to Thailand as they knew they could make money by forcing children to beg for money. The group has been delivered to the police station and is awaiting prosecution. Human trafficking still exists in Thailand and it is very sad these foreign groups are using children to find money from those with good hearts. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The group uses children aged 2-10 who are victims of human trafficking to beg for money. 

Source: Khaosod