Bashed up Chiang Mai woman pours out anguish online

SPREADING online just 24 hours after a young man was arrested for livestreaming beating up his girlfriend is another video clip of a bashed up Chiang Mai woman who accuses her boyfriend of having thrashed her many times, INN News reported this morning (April 24).

In this 28.15-minute video clip posted on the Facebook page of “SuperGirl VeryHero,” a woman with bruises and wounds on her face weeps throughout as she relates her pain at being beaten up by her boyfriend.

“This is not the first time he has done this, it’s been very often. Is this type of person worth keeping up with?

“He has an prestigious job which makes his family proud, but please share this clip about the wickedness of this man.

“Every time he beats me up his parents do not take any responsibility, only call or send a message that I annoyed their son, even worse than this they would not take any responsibility. I urge other women to share this and let the world know,” the battered victim said in the video clip.

As of this morning this video clip has been viewed 410,000 times and attracted 7,000 comments.

Meanwhile today before noon police will be taking Mr Chaichana or M Sirichart, the suspect who broadcast live on Facebook as he brutally beat up his girlfriend on Sunday night, too the Criminal Court.

They questioned him last night at Bueng Kum police station and are filing charges of attempted murder, confinement, broadcasting material on the internet which shames and damages another person’s reputation and taking type 1 drug, methamphetamine (yaba).

A background check reveals that he previously did something similar in 2015, also in Bueng Kum district.


Top: The Chiang Mai woman who related her anguish and pain at being beaten up by the boyfriend many times. Photo: INN News

In-text: Chaichana or M at Bueng Kum police station. Photo: INN News