Teacher shocked after visiting a student’s home.

A teacher was shocked after she visited a female student’s home. The teacher decided to share the story online and netizens have now lent a helping hand to the student. The girl lives in a bamboo shack that sways when the wind blows. She has no money to take with her to school and her parents are divorced. TikTok user @pangsawi_2431, a teacher at a school located in Satun Province posted on 13 June 2023. She captioned “I went to visit a student today. It was eye-opening because I cried when I saw her home. I don’t know how she lives in this home. I am afraid it will collapse if it rains or if the wind blows too hard.



4 people are living in this home but it is so small. She also never has money to take with her to school. I couldn’t interview her much because I felt shocked. She lives with her uncle and her parents do not take care of her”. In the video is a shack made from bamboo. The shack is about 2 meters wide. The condition of the shack is very weak. It can shield out some wind and rain but not much. Inside is a wood bed, an old TV, and a fan. They dont have a bathroom and have to use the neighbor’s bathroom. 



The parents are divorced, they both left the girl and started a new family somewhere else. Netizens saw the video and wanted to help. Many also commented on how they are impressed with how clean and well-dressed she looks even though she lives in a shack with no bathroom. Many also asked how they could help the girl. The teacher stated the local authorities have now stepped in and will help find a way to improve the girl’s quality of life. This is just one of the many cases in Thailand where minors have to go to school while not having the appropriate home or good living conditions. Many also cannot go to school as they have to help their family survive from a very young age. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: It is clear the condition of the shack is very weak. It can shield out some wind and rain but not much.


Source: Khaosod