Beware of more heavy rains till Saturday

THOSE who faced problems commuting to work this morning should brace for scattered and fairly widespread thundershowers all the way till Saturday with isolated heavy showers mostly taking place from afternoon till evening, the Thai Meteorological Department said today.

Those traveling over the next few days should stayed tuned for weather updates because Typhoon Megi is moving over the Pacific Ocean and is expected to hit Taiwan anytime from now till Wednesday September 28. 2016.

However this storm does not have a significant impact on Thailand.

Nevertheless heavy rains in many parts of the country prompted a warning to the people living in low-lying stretches of the lower part of Chao Phraya River beyond the dikes to be careful of river water overflowing its banks.

The Royal Irrigation Department is rushing to push the river water out to the sea with the department’s deputy director Thongplew Kongjun saying that every 100 cubic meters increase in the water released from the dam causes the river to rise by 25 centimeters, Thai News Agency said.

This led to measures to manage the river flow above the dam by propelling the water to irrigation canals on both sides of the river.

Mr Thongplew confirmed that the department has not yet increased the discharge of the water below the dam and right now only two low-lying districts of Ayuthaya province, Bang Ban and Sena which are beyond dikes, are affected.


TOP: A satellite image taken this morning shows heavy clouds over most of Thailand. Photo:




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