Man cannot find job after police misspelled his name in the system.

A man left his old position and could not find a new job after a police officer misspelled his name in the criminal record system. The man’s relatives are very worried for the man after seeing him put in a lot of effort searching for a job. They didn’t understand why and discovered a police officer had placed the man’s name as someone with a criminal record. The problem is he has never been arrested or charged for anything. Panumas Jitwasinkul the owner of the Facebook page named “Hia Piak help me” in Thai went with Pichitchai 25 years old from Buriram Province to The Ministry of Justice on 20 February 2023. 



The victim filed a complaint after discovering that he is a person with a criminal record even though he has never broken the law. The charge shown in his record is related to owning a machine used to make gun bullets. This has resulted in unemployment because no company will hire a man tied to making weapons. Bunhom 62 years old the father stated his son worked in Chonburi and decided to leave the job. A company denied his application stating they do not accept people with a criminal record. 



The dad asked his son about the charge and Pichitchai confirms he has never been in trouble with the law. Muan 70 years old, the grandmother stated he feels very sorry for her grandson after he called her for support. The victim expressed his confusion about not being able to find a job based on something he never did. Khaosod News Team visited the Nong Song Hong Police Station. This is the station where his name was registered in the criminal record system. No officer could give any answers related to the case and the superintendent is currently traveling abroad. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victim has never been in trouble with the law but his criminal record is not clean. 


Source: Khaosod