Big Bike driver helped save young girl’s life stuck in traffic.

A big bike driver helped save a young girl as she was sitting in her car that was stuck in traffic at a road intersection. The incident in this video took place on the 23rd of this month when a young girl lost her consciousness in the passenger seat at the Wat Ku Ha Sawan Intersection in the City of Phitsanulok province.


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Posted by อิทธิพล เพชรพิบูลย์พงศ on Thursday, May 23, 2019


Her dad who was in the driver’s seat was seen shaking his daughter who was unconscious and was foaming in her mouth. There were other cars ahead of them stuck in traffic, the car couldn’t move anywhere and the girl needed medical care immediately. You could see the fear on the dad’s face as he tried his best to wake his little girl up.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


At the same time, a good citizen named Ittipol Petchpiboonpong known as Tik 28 years old was driving his big bike on the same road. Tik reported that the incident took place around 5 pm. He was driving back from Sukhothai province to Phitsanulok when he noticed motorbikes slowing down near a black. When Tik got closer to the car he realized that there was a small girl in her school uniform unconscious and her dad was trying to shake her body.


Tik knew that the car was stuck in traffic and that they wouldn’t be able to move for a while. He decided to park his car before going to knock on other car windows telling them to move out of the way. Tik then told the dad to carry the girl to his big bike while he honked the horn as a signal to alert the surrounding cars.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Tik successfully delivered the girl to the hospital on time. The girl is now confirmed safe and has been transferred to the Phutachinnarat Hospital. The father of the girl later called Tik to thank him for helping his little girl.


Tik later revealed that he knew he had to help the girl and her father because he also had a young daughter around the same age. He was extremely happy to hear that the girl is now safe.


FB Caption: Tik knew he had to help the girl as he also has a young daughter around the same age.


Source: Sanook, Facebook Profile:อิทธิพล เพชรพิบูลย์พงศ (Ittipol Petchpiboonpong)