Crazy man on Yaba attacks cars in Ayutthaya

A crazy man on Yaba pills was attacking cars on the road in Ayutthaya because he believed that they were bad people after him and stated that they were trying to hunt him down.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


Ratchanon Chomgularb 33 years old works as a delivery driver. On the 22nd of this month, Ratchanon had a delivery job to Saraburi province. While on his way there, he passed by Uthai district in Ayutthaya province late at night and was on the road when a man walked across the road with a knife in his hand and headed right to Ratchanon’s car.


Ratchanon decided to swerve away as he was worried that the fanatic man with a knife would leave a mark on his employer’s car. On the 23rd of this month, the Uthai Police tracked down the man at his house in Ayutthaya. When the man saw the police he tried to attack them with a long knife before running away.




The police followed the man to the convenience store where the man was hiding. The officials decided to surround the store and successfully arrested him without anyone being hurt. They later found out that the man had cut open one of the officer’s shirt, but luckily the knife didn’t cut him in the chest.


The man stated to the police that the reason he had to attack random cars was that someone was hunting him down and each time they came in different cars. He also stated that someone accused him of something he didn’t do. He also admitted that he had just taken some Yaba pills right before the police came to arrest him.


Credit: Workpoint News



The police confirmed that he was on drugs after a urinalysis. The father of the man who was 57 years old reported to the police that his son had been struggling with mental issues for a while before becoming heavily addicted to the use of drugs. Many institutions had tried to help him in rehab, but he always went back to drugs when he came back out.


The man lives with family relatives and the father has started a new family. They don’t really see each other but when they do, they always end up fighting. The father hopes that he gets some help before he ends up injuring or killing someone.


FB Caption:  The father hopes that his son gets some help before he ends up injuring or killing someone.


Source: Workpoint News