Big drug bust, 1 Million Yaba pills and 499 kg crystal meth.

A large drug bust with 1 million Yaba pills and 499 kilograms of crystal meth. The drugs were found inside a large truck but the driver managed to get away. Pol. Lt.Gen. Thiti Sangsawang and related officials reported the drug bust on 8 April 2023. The drugs were placed in black bags on a big white truck with a Lampang license plate. Police recently arrested a drug seller named Natapong along with evidence including 200,000 Yaba pills, 233 kilograms of crystal meth, and 746 grams of heroin. 



The arrest helped revealed plans for a shipment from North Thailand to Bangkok and surrounding provinces. Police continued investigating the drug group. Then on the 7th of this month at 16.00 the truck was spotted. Officials followed the truck and notified a nearby traffic stop to stop the vehicle. The truck driver did not stop as he was asked and abandoned the vehicle before running away into the forest. It was pitch black at night and he disappeared into the forest for fear of being arrested. 



Police searched the truck and found the drugs hidden with fresh ginger. The drugs and the truck were seized. Police will continue the investigation to find those connected to the drugs found. This is a large number of drugs and is connected to a big drug group operating in North and Central Thailand. Police are working to stop drug smuggling in Thailand with the goal to protect society, especially the youth. The Yaba pills were placed inside tea packets hidden in black bags scattered among fresh ginger. It is a common practice for drug smugglers in Thailand to conceal Yaba pills as tea using foil packets. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The drug bust is thanks to a drug seller that was recently arrested. 


Source: Khaosod