Child Sex Trafficker caught in Chiang Mai

A child sex trafficker was caught hiding in Chiang Mai after the police caught her trying to sell 5 children for the use of sex trafficking. The sex trafficker’s nickname is “Jae Geng Pattaya”, she is a ladyboy that was suspected to have been involved in selling underage persons for human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


The police set up to buy 5 children from her and successfully caught her in action. When Jae Geng was caught she was able to temporary bail out, she then took this opportunity to escape and hide in Chiang Mai as she was certain that jail was waiting for her.


Police Major General Jirapob Phuridej ordered Police Colonel Arun Wachisrisukanya and Police Major Natashpong Sinsiriyanon to arrest Anansit Sangeng 45 years old (Jae Geng). Jae Geng’s original address is in Tha Jampi, Phayao province.


Jae Geng will be charged under human trafficking on persons under 15 years of age and on persons over 15 years of age but not exceeding 18 years of age for sex trafficking, prostitution, using children for monetary benefits, etc. Jae Geng was captured in Chang Puak, Chiang Mai province.


Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod


Jae Geng is a lady boy who has been in the human trafficking business. The police carried out a sting operation in early 2018 at Chonburi, where Jae Geng resided at the time. Jae Geng would find young boys to sell sexual services to men in the area.


The sting operation started with a foreign detective who told Jae Geng that he wanted to buy 5 boys for the price of 14,000 THB. The boys were to be delivered at a local resort in Pattaya. When Jae Geng arrived with the boys, the police went to capture her along with the evidence. Out of the 5 boys, There was 1 boy who was 14 years old, 2 boys who were 15 years old, 1 boy who was 16 years old, and 1 boy who was 18 years old. Jae Geng was then arrested for further prosecution by the law.


Jae Geng put up a bail that she took as her opportunity to escape the law. The police found out that she went to hide with a friend up North in Chiang Mai. Jae Geng has admitted that she knew the judgement would put her in jail so she took the opportunity to escape. Jae Geng later discovered that her punishment would be 12 years in jail.


FB Caption:  Jae Geng would find young boys to sell sexual services for men in Pattaya.


Source: Khaosod