The black beach at Phi Phi Island is scaring tourists away.

The Loh Dalum beach has turned black as a result of wastewater entering the waters of Phi Phi Island. The beach has not turned totally black located right in the main city of Krabi province. Pictures have been circulating online showing how damaged Phi Phi Island has become over the years.


This is sad news as Phi Phi island is one of Thailand’s dream destination famous worldwide for its reputation of clear blue beaches and white sands. A local in the area revealed that the main cause of the black waters comes from hotels and restaurants in the area dumping wastewater into the ocean directly without going through any treatment processes.


The Loh Dalum Beach has turned black for about 5 days now (17 May 2019). Tourists are afraid to enter the water. The recklessness cannot be good in the long run, as the main income in the area comes from tourism. Those who choose to play in the water have had skin rashes and allergic reactions.


Credit: Thethaiger
Credit: Thethaiger


Pankum Kittitorakul, the Ao Nang Chief Executive of the SAO stated that he acknowledges the issue of the black water. The situation in Loh Dalum Beach became worse about 3 days ago when there was heavy rain causing the wastewater to flow into the ocean.


Pankum wishes the people to stop sharing pictures of the Loh Dalum Beach as the beach is now returning to its normal condition. Tourists who end up seeing the pictures online might think that Loh Dalum Beach is still black, affecting the tourist industry of the PP Islands.


Credit: Thethaiger
Credit: Thethaiger


It is believed that wastewater from the hotels and restaurants in the area overflowed when it was raining, causing the wastewater to enter the ocean. There has been several warnings and officials visiting different businesses to inform them of the problem. From now on there will be serious enforcement on those who release wastewater into the ocean.


FB Caption: The main cause of the black water comes from hotels and restaurants in the area dumping wastewater directly into the ocean.


Source: Mthai