BMA: No moves to scrap Yaowaraj, Khao San road food stalls

THE chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s advisory board hotly denied any moves to scrap food stalls, particularly on Yaowaraj and Khao San roads, as reported by a certain news outlet, Thai News Agency said today (April 19).

BMA’s advisory board chairman Wallop Suwandee told Thai News Agency that the measure being implemented focuses on making street food clean and hygienic.

Mr Wallop refuted the report that BMA is going to stop the sale of all street food by yearend with the aim actually being to organize street food on Yaowaraj and Khao San roads better.

He added that only last month CNN named Bangkok as being the city with the best street food in the world.

BMA did hold a meeting with all agencies involved on organizing stalls and hawkers selling street food on Khao San and Yaowaraj roads better so that safe and hygienic food is sold and not just a big variety.

Mr Wallop confirmed that street food is definitely not going to be scrapped.


Top: A busy food stall on Khao San Road. Photo: VasenkaPhotography (cc-by2.0)


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