Brothers battle on birthday, only one wanted drugs.

Brothers battle on a birthday after one wanted drugs but the other didn’t. The younger brother came to celebrate his big brother’s birthday but things weren’t so happy. The younger brother asked his older brother to buy some Yaba pills, but the older brother did not want to do this. When the wife tried to stop them fighting, she was told to go away as she is a wife and not their mother. The younger brother was already drunk when he knocked on their door and said happy birthday. The fight started not long after when the older brother was against the idea of involving drugs on his special day. Police at Samet Police Station in Chonburi Province received notification of a fight at 23.00 on 8 September 2023. 



Officials were informed of 2 injured persons. The local rescue team was notified and together they went to the rented room. Inside were broken glass pieces and 2 men. Ekkalak 37 years old and Thontep 27 years old were inside. Ekkalak was bleeding from his head and Thontep had a few scratches. The older brother stated he was sleeping with his wife in the room when Thontep knocked on his door. Ekkalak states “I could tell he was drunk. He said happy late birthday and then asked if I could buy some Yaba pills. I said no because this is illegal. We got into a fight and hurt each other. I don’t really feel like pressing charges”. 



Ekkalak’s wife stated the younger brother went drinking with friends until he was drunk. He came to their room and asked his older brother to go find drugs for him. This is not the first time he has tried this. He has bugged Ekkala twice before but this is the first time they got into a fight. She tried to stop them from hurting each other but Thontep yelled at her saying she was not his mother and the issue was between family. Police searched the room and did not find anything illegal. Both brothers agreed to not press charges against each other. Both separated after officials arrived. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The younger brother was not happy when he realized there would be no drugs. 

Source: Khaosod