Man unhappy with online order and chases delivery man.

A man was unhappy after opening an online order and decides to release his anger on the delivery man. The employee was chased down and injured, he was also almost stabbed. To make matters worse for the employee, the delivery was a cash on delivery order and the man never paid after opening the box, so the employee has to pay out of his pocket to the company instead. The story was shared online by a Facebook page named “if you want be famous here you go part 3” in Thai. A video was also posted showing an employee from a private shipment company delivering a parcel to a home in Kamphaeng Phet Province. 



The person who accepted the shipment became extremely heated and started cursing at the deliver man. They started arguing and the man claimed the product inside did not look like the picture online. The delivery man later stated that he delivered the box as usual in a village. After the home owner opened the box, he stated it did not look like what he ordered and will not pay for it. The delivery driver informed the man that he must accept the box as it is already opened. They started fighting and the driver sat on his motorbike preparing to drive away. The customer had a knife and hit the driver in the back, he then threatened to stab the driver’s head. The driver did not feal safe and decided to drive away. 



The customer also revealed his side of the story and stated he ordered a belt from the internet. The order was made about 2 months ago and forgot about it. When the order arrived he opened and it did not look like what he ordered. The employee would not take the box back and stated that he must pay as the box is now opened. He stated to come back and get his money if the company charged the employee. The delivery man cursed at him and this made him angry. He picked up a knife and hit the delivery man in the back. He would not have stabbed the driver because he would have already done it if that was his intention. What do you think about this situation?


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The customer stated the product did not look like the pictures online and got heated. 


Source: Khaosod