Fake police arrested, robbing civilians.

A fake policeman has been arrested by Bang Sue Police in Bangkok. The suspect forces victims to take drug tests and robs them in exchange for freedom. Police warn civilians to always ask for a Police ID. Police Colonel Phuvadon Unpo from the Bang Sue Police Station received notification from an officer on 27 May 2023. The officer had arrested Piyawat 39 years old, behind a bus transit station. The suspect also had evidence on him including 2 knives, a hat with police symbol, police clothing that states “inspector 231 chiang rai”, 2 handcuffs, 15 drug tests, and a police symbol sticker. 



Bang Sue Police received notification from a good citizen that there was a person claiming to be a police officer behind the transit station. The man was searching and arresting passengers waiting to travel at the station. The man will force the passengers to take a drug test and if the test was positive he will force them to pay money in exchange for letting them go. Officials were sent to the location and arrested the suspect. Piyawat acted suspiciously as he saw the officers. Police presented themselves and asked to search his car. Inside was the evidence that is seized and will be used in the case. 



The suspect was then taken to the police station and is now waiting for prosecution. The suspect provided his information and police informed him the evidence found in his car will be seized. The suspect drove a Toyota Fortuner with a Bangkok license plate. Piyawat is facing charges relating to carrying a weapon in public without good reasoning and other charges. Police wish to warn civilians to beware of scams. There are new scams every day and fake police do exist. If anyone claims they are an officer, always ask to see their police ID. If you or persons you know have fallen victim to this man, contact the Bang Sue Police.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man forced civilians to take a drug test and demanded money in exchange to let them go. 

Source: Khaosod