Cambodian gang stealing motorcycles in Rayong

The Rayong police captured 4 Cambodian citizens on December 18th of this year. All are males named 1. Yoat 18 years old, 2. Som 23 years old, 3. Sao D age unknown, and 4. Wan D age unknown. Together with the 4 men, the police were able to take hold of 5 motorcycles that were stolen by the men with multiple license plates.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The motorcycles include 1. Honda CBR black and white with no license plate, 2. Honda Click white and black with no license plate, 3. Yamaha M-Slaz grey and green with no license plate, 4. Yamaha R15 black and grey with no license plate, and 5. Honda Wave grey and black with the license plate (กวธ)635 Rayong, this motorcycle was used to steal other motorbikes. Along with the stolen motorbikes, there were 3 license plates and multiple pieces of equipment used to steal the bikes.


The police team discovered a suspect that was hiding a motorbike in a dense area of grass in Pluak Dang district, Rayong province. The police went to inspect the dense grass and found the suspected motorbike, they then hid in the area to keep track of the situation.


The 4 suspects then drove the grey and black Honda wave to relocate the hidden motorbike. All four tried to drag the hidden motorbike to hook onto the Honda Wave. The police were now sure of what they were doing and came out of their hiding spots to catch the thieves. They were able to capture two suspects right away and the other two were captured after a chase through the forest.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The suspects later admitted to the police that there was another motorbike hidden in another location also in dense grass, when the police went to search they found the bike at the exact location the suspects informed them of. They were going to prepare the motorbikes by relocating them to a road where a car will come to pick up the bikes to deliver at the Thai-Cambodian border. 2,000 THB is what they will receive for each motorbike that they are able to steal.


The motorbikes are now at the Pluak Dang police station in Rayong. The 4 suspects will be prosecuted by Thai law for theft and illegal immigration in Thailand judged by the Thai Court of Law.


FB Caption: The stolen bikes are delivered to the Thai-Cambodian border.


Source: Sanook