Chiang Mai’s Candle Procession takes a green turn

THE Candle Procession in Chiang Mai on Khao Phansa Day, which marks the start of Buddhist Lent and this year falls on Sunday July 9, is taking a unique turn with environmentally-conscious northern folk decorating the vehicles with waste material, INN News said today (July 7).

Resized, Chiang Mai festival

The municipality of Mae Jo, a small town less than 30 minutes from Chiang Mai City, came up with the excellent idea of going green at this key Buddhist festival and told the 19 communities participating in the parade to use waste material to decorate vehicles on which beautifully carved candles are carried and presented to monks for their three-month retreat during which they dedicate their time to study, mediation and prayer.

This is part of continuation of Buddhist tradition for the community to join together in good activities during Buddhist Lent. However this year this community was told to use their creativity to decorate these vehicles with waste material such as plastic bags and bottles and other bits and pieces being thrown away.

Khao Phansa

This parade starts in front of Bangkok Bank branch in Mae Jo and ends at the municipality office where the carved candles will be ceremonially presented to monks.


Top and first inset: Candle Procession vehicles beautifully decorated with waste material. Photo: INN News

Second inset: Buddhists offering carved candles to monks on Khao Phansa Day. Photo: INN News



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