Chickens and Pigs go missing, turns out nieghbor is to blame.

A neighbor has been arrested for stealing chicken and pigs. Police Colonel Pongtad Pimruang from the Kukun Police Station in Sisaket Province received notification from Yian Sitsong the owner of home no.45 in Huay Samran, Kukun District. Yian reported to the police that many chickens and pigs have gone missing from her home. Related officials went to inspect the home. Yian stated she keeps chickens and pigs for food. On 26 January 2021 at about 1 am she heard a pig screaming. After she woke up Yian discovered a pig and 2 chickens had disappeared.


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The thief had left behind traces of animal blood leading to a home nearby. Yian believed that Apai Kanket her neighbor had killed the pig before running into his home. Apai has a lot of history well known in the area for stealing goods. Locals in the village feel afraid of the man and his behavior. Police tracked the blood and arrived at Apai’s home located 70 meters from Yian’s home. Apai 41-year-old was standing in front of his home. Police presented themselves before searching the home. Officials found blood behind his home and a knife that was recently used. As they entered, hidden in a corner were 2 white chickens covered in a fishing net. Officials entered a different room and discovered remains of the missing pig hidden inside a closet.


Credit: Khaosod


Apai admitted to police that he killed the pig and chickens. During the night Apai left his home in boxers and used a stick to slaughter the animals. He dragged the animals home leaving behind a blood trail. The suspect received news of Yian filing a report with the police so he decided to hide the evidence. The pig had already been separated into 8 different parts. Police have seized the evidence and Apai is facing charges related to theft during the night along with other charges related to his actions. In an attempt to hide evidence Apai has made a mess in the home with many personal items now covered in animal blood.


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: Police found the dead pig hidden inside a closet and the chickens were covered with a fishing net.


Source: Khaosod