Chinese tourists hurt after cramming into hotel lift

FIVE Chinese tourists got injured after some of them jam-packed a famous Chiang Mai hotel lift, hence tipping the total weight above the limit, which led to it plunging, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 28)

The lift at this famous hotel, which is near Tha Phae Gate in the heart of this northern city, plunged from the lobby to the ground floor after 15 Chinese tourists crammed into it although it has a capacity to hold 10 persons, which triggered screams of panic.

The hotel management quickly called a technician to forcibly open the door, and upon succeeding in doing so, the 15 Chinese tourists pushed and shoved their way out, which led to 5 of them being injured on their arms and legs.

Rescuers quickly took the injured tourists to the hospital for treatment, and said the majority only suffered slight injuries.

The hotel management said just before this accident a big group of Chinese tourists had all returned at the same time, and started scrambling to go up to their rooms on the 7th floor.

Chiang Mai police said they would be checking the cause of the accident in detail, although the hotel confirmed that this is a new lift which is regularly serviced.

The hotel added that it will now start posting a worker at the lifts to maintain order.


Top: The well-known Chiang Mai hotel where the elevator accident occurred last night. Photo: Thai News Agency