Cockroach head in sauce, restaurant admits to internal problems

A customer posted online after finding a cockroach head in the sauce at a sukiyaki restaurant. The restaurant then addressed the incident online admitting that the branch had internal problems because the employees weren’t getting along with the branch manager. The sukiyaki branch is now closed for 10 days in order to resolve the problems. A Facebook user posted on 14 June 2020 his experience and a picture of the cockroach head. This incident took place at a Sukiyaki restaurant in The Paseo Park on Kanchanapisek Road, Bangkok. 


Credit: Sanook


The Facebook user stated “More surprising than finding out the curfew is canceled is finding a cockroach head in the sukiyaki sauce. At about 22.00 I went to a sukiyaki restaurant on Kanchana Road. I was eating as normal for 30 minutes when I ran out of the sauce. I asked the server for a new bottle of sauce. At first, there was a cockroach leg, I ignored it and took it out of the sauce. Then I squeezed some more sauce and the cockroach head came out. It’s still all there, the eyes and the antennas, I almost threw up. The thing is, my table had 3 adults, a 4-year-old, and an 8-month baby. Who’s responsible if we get food poisoning? I told the server who offered to change our food. But who wants to continue eating after seeing that? 


Credit: Sanook


How many customers did that same batch of sauce go to? They asked me who saw this, I said no one. The server apologized but I decided to post this story because 1. They should have better hygiene, 2. They shouldn’t just focus on sales but more on food quality and cleanliness. The restaurant canceled the bill. I still don’t feel ok because I’m worried someone might get food poisoning, especially the children. A male server was also very rude, why would anyone want to continue eating”. 


Credit: Sanook


The restaurant addressed the incident on their Facebook page admitting that the incident is true. They also revealed that the Paseo branch has been dealing with internal problems for over a month. The employees have had problems with the manager, and there were always employees leaving while new persons came in. The branch will be closing down for 10 days to solve the issue and to make sure that such an incident does not happen again. The restaurant has 24 security cameras, out of which 23 became broken less than 24 hours before the incident took place. Meaning that there is no footage to inspect. 


FB Caption: The restaurant has 24 security cameras, out of which 23 happened to break less than 24 hours before the incident. 


Source: Sanook