Coin wall temple puts losing lottery tickets to use

THE abbot of Wat Thung  Kled in  Prachuab Kriri Khan province who is famous for decorating his chapel walls with baht coins has come up with another bright idea of using losing lottery tickets to decorate a multipurpose building, Thai News Agency said today (August 2).

Prasobchok Chanaphai , the warden of Wat Thung Klet  in Thap Kasae district of Prachuab Kriri Khan province, said when the temple built its new chapel it used 3,700,000 baht coins donated by both Buddhists and tourists to decorate the walls and turned it into the first baht coin chapel in the country.

This has been hugely successful as those who come here have deep faith in Buddhism and it gives them pleasure to see the beauty and creativity within the temple.

The latest idea of Phra Kru Arthit Isornyano, Wat Thung Kled’s abbot, and Na Hukwang subdistrict’s Ecclesiastical Officer is to paste around 3 million losing lottery tickets on a multi-purpose building within the temple according to a creative and colorful design worked out beforehand.

 Aside from being very original this would cheaper than painting the walls or pasting wallpaper on them. Coatings of acrylic and glaze will ensure that these discardable tickets last a long time.


Top: Wat Thung  Kled’s stunning baht coin wall. Photo: Khaosod daily newspaper



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