Pheu Thai Party prepare to form government.

Pheu Thai Party prepare to form the government. Following the election situation in Thailand the Move Forward Party will be stepping back. Chaithawat Tulathon, the MFP’s secretary-general reported on 21 July 2023 the decision for the party to step back and allow Pheu Thai to take the leading step towards Thailand’s new government. MFP secured the first position in the election and Phue Thai secured the second position. The election displayed the Thai’s decision to have a fresh and younger political approach to the nation’s development. 



Although what the people elect is what should become the new future of Thailand, the laws placed and how the parliament functions reflect another answer that comes with complications and confusion from the people. MFP has stepped back and Pita Limjaroenrat will not become the next prime minister of Thailand. Their mission remains to be a part of a democratic government with an MoU tying the 8 parties. Pita has been stopped not once, but twice in becoming the next PM. MFP has handed the PM position to Pheu Thai. This decision will be reflected in the next parliament meeting on 27 July 2023 where MFP will nominate a candidate that comes from Pheu Thai Party.



The conservative side has made it clear that they do not want Pita or the MFO to have the leading voice in the next government. The MFP promise to hold their promise to the people and to push out those who have held power for way too long in Thailand. Military-appointed senators had used their votes to cast out Pita. Legal experts have come out and expressed their opinion on the constitutionality of the parliament meeting results. Citizens of Thailand are keeping a close eye on the situation and waiting to see the results of the next parliament meeting on 27 July 2023.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The Move Forward Party will be stepping back and allowing Pheu Thai to take the lead. 

Source: Khaosod, Bangkok Post