Cool guy showing his motorbike skills fined with 3 charges.

A man in Chiang Mai was driving his motorbike showing off his skills to the terrified people on the road. It was later discovered by the police that the motorbike belonged to his boss. The man ended up being fine with 3 charges of traffic violations.



Posted by Jeep Jenjira Pansena on Monday, May 27, 2019


Jeep Jenjira Pansena posted on Facebook a video of a man showing off his motorbike driving skills on a road in Chiang Mai. The man in the video started with speeding in front of other cars, he then stood on the seat of his motorbike while it was still running on the road. The drivers beside him were terrified of something bad happening as it seemed like an accident waiting to happen.


The incident took place on the 28th of this month around 6.25 am. The man started dangerously driving his motorbike at the Tha Phae Gate through the roads until he reached Sridonchai road before disappearing into a small alleyway.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


The video went viral and was seen by Police Colonel Thaponpong Chairangsri from the Chiang Mai Traffic Police. He ordered a search for the CCTV footage of the man from the cameras placed all around Chiang Mai. The police were able to see a clear license number on the motorbike license plate.


The police tracked down the owner and discovered that it was the man’s boss. The owner of the motorbike has been notified to call his employee in to meet with the police. The owner did as he was told and the man was sent to the Chiang Mai City Police Station. He was fined under 3 charges which included driving dangerously, driving without a protective helmet, and driving a vehicle without a component part that is a risk to other persons.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


The police are looking into the history of the man to see if there are any remaining charges in his criminal history. The goal is to warn others to not act like the man and put others in danger. Police Lieutenant Colonel Supachai Janthra from the Chiang Mai Traffic Police stated that The traffic police is a part of the Smart City Chiang Mai Project.


There are over 1,200 cameras placed all over Chiang Mai, not including other cameras in other government sectors placed around town and in buildings. The police hold technology that can quickly and accurately identify an individual through the footage. This has helped the police greatly. The police hope that drivers will be aware of the traffic law when driving on the road as all movements are in the eyes of the police.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


The police also wish to thank the good people who have been sending the police information on those who break the law. The information has been helping the police work more efficiently.


FB Caption: The man borrowed his boss’s car and decided to drive dangerously on the road, including driving while standing on the motorbike seat.


Source: Workpoint News, Facebook User: Jeep Jenjira Pansena