Wife dies after couple opts to swim despite red flags

AN Australian couple who ignored red flags planted on Phuket’s Kamala beach and went swimming yesterday afternoon were rescued from drowning by lifeguards but the wife later died, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 18).

Lifeguards rushed to pull Ivan Fisrovic, 75, and his wife Barbara Fisrovic, 65, from the sea after they went swimming at around 3 pm despite the red flags forbidding it clearly visible on the beach and when they were brought back they were both very weak and breathing with difficulty. Later doctors were only able to save Mr Fisrovic’s life.

Phuket drowning

Lifeguards said they used windsurfing boards to go out to the couple but it was 10 minutes before they could reach them because Kamala beach is very wide and they could not do this in 1 to 5 minutes as possible at Patong beach.

They added that they had risked their lives and did their best to rescue this couple but if they had better equipment it would make rescue work easier.


Top and inset: Locals and tourists help the Australian couple who almost drowned at Kamala beach yesterday. Photos: Thai News Agency